Music Bio

ORIGINAL MUSIC- A soulful voice combined with a tremendous gift for songwriting, Briz has been a consistent presence on the East Coast music scene for over 25 years. Influences of Dylan, Springsteen, Neil Young and more can be heard throughout his music as he blends both pop sensibility and folk tradition to create lyrics that are uniquely memorable and brutally poignant,  with music that is commercially accessible.

SHAKEY/GOLD RUSH- The nation's most popular solo and full band Neil Young tribute shows, Briz is the most realistic and convining Neil Young voice.

VOICES OF ROCK- Briz has crafted a career on his musical impersonations of David Bowie, Johhny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Neil Young and dozens of other amazing "Voices". This is the show you'll want for your bar, gastropup, restaurant, outdoor concert or party.