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I hope Anderson Cooper’s rant on Americans who prefer democratically fair debates and interviews as opposed to an authoritative promo ad was worth his losing all credibility of journalistic integrity. #shame #andersoncooper #CNN


I can’t imagine MAGA Republicans will continue to support George Santos like they do Trump, now that he’s been charged by the DOJ. But I’ve been wrong before. Certainly Republican politicians won’t. Right? Right? #georgesantos #smoothcriminal


Empathy and understanding are important attributes for a leader, Not only does Ron DeSatis lack these,qualities,he seems to go out of his way to be hateful and spiteful, especially to those who would benefit most from a compassionate public servant.


Democratic governors like Jay Inslee, (WA) and Maura Healey, (MA) warn red states like Idaho, that their states will protect women and offer safe haven when it comes to reproductive and other women’s rights. #bluecoup #abortionrights #NOW #reverberationnation #everythingcomesback


Let the Tennessee House of Representatives be on notice that racist unfair practices will no longer be the order of the day! #thenationiswatching #justinjones #makeamericaequateagain


Now that young people are showing their displeasure with crazy alt right extremism by voicing concerns that affect them personally, Republicans are sure to intensify their attention on ways to make it harder for them to vote. #guncontrol #abortionrights #everythingcomesback


Do you think Donald Trump was pleased or displeased with the events in Nashville yesterday? It kept him out of the news cycle for the day.


Wait, what? What year is this?  #twoamericas? #overtracism #boycottNashville #everythingcomesback 


What are the chances that Justin Pearson who was reprimanded for wearing a Dashiki on the floor of the Tennessee General Assembly when sworn in back in February, won’t be expelled from that same body today. #shametennesseerepublicans #everythingcomesback


The Tennessee legislature found it easy to expel Justin Jones because non of them look like…… Justin Jones! Shame! #justinjones #Shame #firstamendment #breakingnews #everythingcomesback


Once again, Rpublican attempts to erode democratic freedoms rears its ugly head. Thank goodness those students who are there. now, protesting, will all be voting in the near future. Let's hope it's not too late.


Not so "surreal," Donald! This is how the criminal justice system is supposed to work in a democracy!


And now the dominoes fall!


Jim Jordan: “I demand  that  Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg appear before my House Judiciary Committee and give testimony regarding the NY probe into Donald Trump. “ 

Alvin Bragg: “Jim who?” 


Donald Trump posted photos of him holding a baseball bat next to the head of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg on his Truth Social. MAGA, your leader is a psycho! 


Trump called Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg an “animal” on his Truth Social site today. It isn’t the first time he’s used the term. In 2018 he referred to illegal immigrants the same way. Trump loves to dehumanize people of color, as have many racists going back decades. 


I can't  believe that after years and years od Donald Trump making a mockery of our judicial system, Republicans are still arguing that indicting  Trump is poitical overeach!